The future of Virtual Education

A study conducted by reported that 50% of current students believe they don’t need a physical classroom to learn. In my opinion this number is high but still has relevance on what the future of virtual education may look like. There is no doubt that the future of virtual education is going to be enormous in the years to come, we see these virtual technologies already being practiced in elementary schools. As technology breaks down barriers that now exist student and teachers will find their experiences to be better and make way for improvements when connecting students and teachers. “As new modes of online higher education develop and students use technology in greater and greater numbers within and for their academic curriculum, it’s clear that the desire for relevant 21st century jobs and career experiences go hand-in-hand,” says Robin D. Richards, CEO of We can see that people are have adopted these new technologies and I don’t believe our society will be going backwards, only forwards in the future. The fact that the younger generations are already being exposed to more virtual ways of education from elementary school, middle school and high school there is no question that this is what they will be accustom to by the time they reach college.

Watch this video to get an idea about what I am talking about when explaining how technology is being used to teach children at young ages. Where was this when I was younger?!


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