Are societal factors leading the usage of course management systems?

With online courses now offered at 97% of the two-year postsecondary institutions and 89% of public universities in the U.S it (Essary, 2014) is clear to see that course management systems have been adopted in the world of virtual education. Demographics has made a big impact on the wide usage of course managements systems. For example, research shows that students are now likely to take online courses at a different university of their choice even if it isn’t in there region. The usage of many course management systems does have a demographic factor because it makes it easier for us as students to go to the school of our dreams without even physically attending the University. When thinking about this factor I immediately thought about the predicament my good friend was in. She was accepted to Nova University for their PhD. Program but the school was in Tampa while she lives four hours away in Miami, my friend at the time did not have the money, nor flexibility to pack up and go to Tampa, then it occurred to her that this program could be done online with flexibility for her to work from home and at her job. She’s now two years in to the program, the online classes are a gift to her and without the ease of course management systems she may not have been able to attend grad school. This I just a simple example of how demographics have led to the wide usage of course management systems.

Another aspect of course management systems I found really interesting was the technological aspect of them. As a student I feel like I can share some insight with my readers and explain how even if we as students do not choose to take an online course and enter the world of virtual education we are still forced to deal with course management systems. Like we spoke about earlier, these systems are now a normal aspect of curriculum for higher education. Many of my classes that I attend twice a week for an hour and forty five minute lecture still require the use of these course management systems in a major way. It’s interesting to see how technology has taken over, we use course management systems to communicate with professors, peers and so on. It does not stop there, these systems such as blackboard at FSU are our home base for our courses. We print our lecture materials, project materials, discussion boards and even check out grades through the systems.  I think it’s safe to say that these technological advances at instantiations all over America has definitely led to the usage of course management systems in our society today.

Essary, Michael L. “Key external factors influencing successful distance education programs.” Academy of Educational Leadership Journal 18.3 (2014): 121+. Academic OneFile. Web. 12 Apr. 2015.


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