Personal Insight on Virtual Education

So the big question remains. Is virtual educating hurting us, or helping us? As I think about the topic I reflect on my own experiences. I have taken over 5 online courses along with semi virtual classes where there is a class one day and is then integrated with the online portion. From my point of view, everything in life has positive and negative aspects. Throughout my blog I plan to bring up recent, interesting topics so together we can gain some insight into the quickly changing world of virtual education.

So when does it begin to be too much? Students love the flexibility of online classes but end up missing assignments, not applying themselves and find themselves uninterested in a topic they might have loved had they taken the course in person. From a personal experience I would say online courses are something you have to master, they are something that can be your biggest downfall or your greatest skill. Like I said, it becomes a skill so you must master these skills and must program your brain a little differently. Things that change from virtual to physical? You need to write down due dates vs. physically going to class and being constantly reminded of quizzes, papers, assignments. This is just the beginning, we replace lectures for readings and professors with google. When creating ideas for this blog I thought it would be a good idea to ask my roommate some questions regarding her experiences with virtual education. Her reply, she hates them. Simple and to the point, so I began to ask her why? How could she hate this tool that has been given to us to create flexibility and ease throughout our college experience? She brought up great points, we don’t learn as much, we aren’t actively listening to a professor that has experiences with a topic you should be interested in considering it’s your major. She’s a criminology major and expressed that all her professors have been really interesting. She explained she wouldn’t want to pass up the opportunity of meeting and learning from these professors over a whole semester. She had a point, we attend great universities with professors who are masters in the subject we choose to study. Should we really be encouraged to take online courses and miss the opportunities of learning through physical, active lectures that require in class participation and discussion? The following post will give some insights to virtual education as well as help understand how its impacting our society and how it will affect our future.


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